In some remodeling project we get old building which almost have negligible setback. We do a great job in interior but when we peep into the setback it looks dirty as it can’t be cleaned. We also believe that the garbage or dirt collected in any part of the project is a huge source of negative energy and we need to eliminate it. Hence as a designer it becomes mandatory that we design every bit of the project. One such project what we got was a hotel project in an existing building with a huge hall.Though we fixed the reception & the rooms as per the requirement, the side setback on one side was only 1’ from the compound wall.

So when we started on the space plan we placed the corridor on the side with less setback & opened the wall between columns so that we can access the setback from the lobby. The compound wall was raised to 8’ and treated with a beautiful floral tile to enhance the view. Now the entire corridor has a facelift with the huge sliding doors along the length of the corridor and also a soothing view of the exterior.

When we remove the exterior wall, we need to factor in the safety aspect also. Hence we erected MS pipes on the compound wall and closed it at first floor level and this became the elevation feature.

My point of emphasis is that the design element should always complement functionality and then the colors and materials can be brought in for aesthetics.