Private Terrace – Design Ideas

Independent house with a nice garden to refresh seems to be distant dream for city dwellers. Apartments with private terrace is an option available for them. Hence it should be designed carefully as there is a lot of expectations out of this place. Design of private terrace should consider factors like shade, seating, greenery, openness all in right proportion.This particular residence has a private terrace which is about 750 Sq.ft. So we wanted to make it as the center of our design and highlight the house.

Design :

Elements which we introduced in designing the private terrace –

  • Shade – Introduced tensile roof over the door from living along the full length of the wall for 8’ width so that it cuts down on the heat into
    the living.
  • Seating – Introduced seating on the northern corner so that the open feel is not lost and also a part of seating will be under shade.
  • Focal point – Bang opposite the door we placed a budha statue and made it a focal point. Budha can be changed into anything which the client
    prefers. This focal point would be visible from the living & the dinning and hence can be something which client likes to see again and again.
  • Introduced garden behind seating & also in the south east corner for greenery.
  • Raised the height of the parapet with glass & MS structure to give meaning to the word private terrace.
  • Rest of the terrace left open to give that openness.
  • Mood lighting introduced through bollards.

What we visualised :
Now this seems to be the place where the client likes to spend most of his time.