Living Room Design

One important focus of any designer is to define the entrance of a house as it speaks volumes about the resident. We recently got to design a house whose main door opened bang into a 25’ x 25’ living from where all the other entrances like kitchen and bedroom are defined. So anybody who is standing at the door would be able to span across the entire house.As a solution to this, we created a partition 5’ from the main door which gave a foyer kind of feeling. Now this becomes the main entry point of the house and as I said this must be designed well to give a warm welcome.

We created a ledge on the partition and the client was happy to place a dancing Ganesh Idol which very much reflects him.

Now this has given the following functional elements

  • The living sofa can be defined exactly in the center with a straight TV. We were able to accommodate 9 seaters because of this arrangement.
  • We get a foyer and hence the privacy of the client is maintained from a third person standing at the main door.
  • We get a service area where the shoe rack, paper, umbrella, tools, keys can be organized.
  • The guest will get a good warm welcome by Dancing Ganesh which is an important aspect as any designer would want.