Board of Directors

Vijai Kumar P - Managing Director

Bringing with him over 22 years of professional experience, 15 of which was spent in real estate, Vijai Kumar P, the Managing Director of ICIPL is the mastermind behind its formation. Brilliant and dynamic, he brings to the table, all operational expertise required, design verification and validation, FMEA, product development, process planning, budget & cost control, vendor development, quality systems and project management.

Satish Mehta - Executive Director

With a degree in Business Administration and PGDBM in Marketing, Satish Mehta is a force to reckon with. Inspired by the systematic professionalism in the automobile industry, of which he is a part, he has put all his energy into adopting the same into real estate. Young and energetic, this young visionary brings to the team excellent business acumen and marketing expertise.

Sujatha V - Creative Director

Having more than 22 years of professional experience in the fields of Information Technology, Design & interiors, Sujatha V is the Creative Director of ICIPL. In 2006, she turned entrepreneur with the launch of Intouch, a highly successful interiors design house. She also launched a unique furniture boutique exclusively for kids in 2009. She is the creative face of the team and brings to the table her intuitive capabilities and high-end technical know-how

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